Do you want to 
Induct new entrants to your hospital?

Induction skills training


Induction skills training

Achieve your goal of upskilling newly recruited nurses to safely deploy them to patient care areas.


About the Course

To train new entrants to your hospital on foundational skill to deploy them for safe patient care.

Course Highlights

  •   Hands-on training in skills workshop
  •   Using roleplay, real-life case scenarios and manikins
  •   Pre and post test knowledge assessment

Course Duration

  •   2 days onsite training
  •   1-month access to online learning content


Do you want to induct newly recruited nurses?


If you want to teach foundational skills to newly recruited nurses, then you have come to the right place.

Our learning content is standardised and evidence based. It will sensitize the learner on the best practices of a skill. A learner can install our learning app on their mobile and enrol into INTRAIN programme. After which, they can access our lessons and best practices videos anytime and anywhere.

SkillsForMED INTRAIN programme provides an overview of best practices to ensure effective communication and communication tools. It outlines the standard precautions and additional precautions that a healthcare worker should adhere to prevent healthcare associated infections (HAI). It also highlights the best practices of daily nursing tasks to ensure patient safety. It provides an overview of the initial assessment workflow. It outlines the best practices to ensure medication safety and to prevent medication errors. It details the steps involved in oxygen administration.

Join SkillsForMED in our journey to upskill nurses to provide safe and high-quality patient care! Enrol your newly recruited nurses now!

Course Curriculum

  •   Professionalism
  •   Communication
  •   Nursing assessment
  •   Medication administration
  •   Oxygen administration
  •   IV cannulation
  •   Daily nursing tasks


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