Do you want to quickly upskill your nurses on individual skills?

Express Upskilling for nurses


Express One-Day Skills Training on Individual Bedside Skills

We upskill your nurses with our unique methodology.


About the Course

To train your nurses on the best practices of individual skills to provide high quality and safe patient care.

Course Highlights

  •   Teaching best practices
  •   Hands-on training in skill stations
  •   Using roleplay, real-life case scenarios and manikins

Course Duration

  •   1 day


Do you want to upskill your nurses on individual bedside skills in one day?


If you want to train your nurses to enhance their individual bedside skills, then you have come to the right place.

We will reinforce the best practices of a skill in a skills station. In a skill station, we will provide hands on training using manikins, roleplay and real life scenarios. Each learner will get an opportunity to practice the skill.

In the workshop we not only train them on skills, but also take them through equipment preparation, patient communication, patient safety, patient preparation, steps of procedure, HAI prevention and post-procedure care.

Join SkillsForMED in our journey to upskill nurses to provide safe and high-quality patient care!

Enrol your existing nurses now!


Skills Training Topics

  •   Nursing communication
  •   IV therapy
  •   Nasogastric tube insertion
  •   Urinary catheterisation
  •   Medication administration
  •   Oxygen and airway management (including tracheostomy care)
  •   Care of surgical patient and wound care
  •   Nursing assessments (including MEWS assessment)
  •   Daily nursing tasks (Bedside handing over, responding to patient call, bedside safety checks, maintaining narcotics, crash cart maintenance, preparing for diagnostic procedures and       documentation)



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