Airway Management


Learn how to administer oxygen, a lifesaving drug. Also learn how prevent and relieve airway obstruction.


What will you learn?

  •   Oxygen administration workflow
  •   Oxygen delivery to patient care areas
  •   Types of oxygen delivery devices
  •   Basic airway management
  •   Advanced airway ventilation
  •   Suctioning
  •   Tracheostomy care


Do you want to learn about all aspects of airway management including oxygen administration?

If you want to learn the best practices of airway management, then you have come to the right place.

Oxygen is a lifesaving therapy that nurses and respiratory therapists administer every day in the hospital. This course provides an overview of the oxygen sources and equipment used to deliver oxygen to the patient care area.

Learn about the steps involved in administering oxygen and to assess the patient’s need for supplemental oxygen with the help of flowchart outlined in this course. Choose an appropriate oxygen delivery device based on the doctor’s prescription.

This course provides an overview of the types of oxygen devices and the flow rate they can deliver. It also outlines the best practices of oxygen administration, steps involved in monitoring the patient and when to titrate the oxygen levels. Learn the best practices of documentation after oxygen administration.

While administering oxygen, you may find that the patient’s airway is obstructed. Learn how to establish and maintain an open airway to facilitate breathing and to prevent an adverse event.

Also learn the steps involved in basic airway management – Head and neck manoeuvres to open airway, use of airway adjuncts to maintain airway and bag valve mask ventilation. This course outlines the non-invasive techniques which helps in administering mechanical ventilation to the patient’s lungs.

Formation of mucus and airway obstruction is a common occurrence in a patient with tracheal intubation, especially in those who cannot clear the secretions on their own. Learn how to suction and provide tracheostomy care to clear and maintain the patient’s airway.

To make the course more interesting, we have sprinkled it with videos. And we have also provided additional reading materials if you wish to gain more knowledge. We request you to make the best use of all the learning materials.

By the end of this course, we aim to help you gain expertise in airway management.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s start learning!


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