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Best practices


Our BEST Training

Our Assurance

Our training will upskill your nurses and give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide safe and high quality patient care.

Our Focus

Our current training programme will focus on the nurses as we believe that upskilling nurses will have the maximum impact on patient safety.

Our Solution works!



We offer courses to nursing professionals and hospitals to provide best patient care.
Our training results up to 300% improvement in knowledge, skills and communication.

Our 3-step training methodology



We sensitise your nurses to best practices by online learning.

We reinforce best practice by onsite workshops.

We enable implementation of best practices at patient bedside by using validated assessment tools and by structured feedback.

What is your need? We have the solution!



Do you want to establish or upgrade your in-house training capacity?

To train your senior nurses to become nursing trainers and to integrate training and assessment as a part of daily nursing routine.

Course Duration : Three Months
Course Highlights
➾  10-days onsite training
➾  24/7 online learning app
➾  Weekly webinars



Do you want to upskill existing staff?

To upskill your existing staff on best practices to provide world-class care to your patients. This course covers the full breadth of medical-surgical nursing.

Course Duration : Three Months
Course Highlights
➾  5-days onsite training
➾  24/7 online learning app
➾  Weekly webinars



Do you want to induct new entrants to your hospital?

Induct your new nursing staff with our unique methodology, a fast track 2- day induction training gets new entrants ready for high quality patient care.


Course Duration : Two Days
Course Highlights

➾  2-days onsite training



Do you want to quickly upskill your nurses on individual skills?

To train your nurses on the best practices of individual skills to provide high quality and safe patient care.
Course Duration : One Day
Course Highlights
➾  Training in skill stations
➾  Using roleplay, real-life case scenarios and       manikins