Practical Tips for Providers : How to Incorporate Humaneness in Daily Patient Care

“Who shall say what prospect life offers to another? Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” – Henry David Thoreau

Most often when a patient enters the room, we immediately ask them about their illness and suggest the line of treatment. And ring the bell for the next patient. All this would hardly take a few minutes (unless it is some serious condition). Our conversations are always hurried and professional to the core. 

Have we ever paused and asked ourselves – Is it just a “case” who walks into the room or is it a “person” with a medical condition who requires holistic care?

Doctor or Healer – Navigating Between the Science and Art of Clinical Practice

Are you a doctor with a scientific approach? Or a healer who offers hope and solace? Or both? How do you strike a balance?

Last week, one of my friends brought her 89-year-old grandmother to my clinic. She had complaints that warranted invasive investigations. She came across as a strong woman and made it clear to me that she had no intentions to get admitted into a hospital either for testing or for treatment! Whenever such a patient walks through the door, I tend to change my hat from being a doctor to a healer!